Ontario Sikhs' Anti-Drug Drive

December 13, 2007

Author: Gur Kirpal Singh Ashk

Source: The Times of Indi


With a large number of Punjabis living in Canada reportedly engaged drug peddling, the Ontario Sikh & Gurdwara Council has launched a campaign against the menace.

Talking to TOI on Tuesday, former council chairman Harbans Singh Jandali said besides organising seminars and radio talks to save the next generation from falling prey to drugs, the management of the Dixie gurdwara has set up three football playgrounds, two each for volleyball and basketball and one for hockey for Punjabi youths. He said in other sports complexes the youth usually drank beer but here at the Dixie gurdwara, they steered clear of alcoholic drinks.

He the youngsters also bring their elders to these sports facilities to listen to ‘kirtan’ held every day from 6 am to 9 pm.

The Dixie gurdwara is spread over 37 acres of land with a parking to accommodate 5,000 cars. Jandali said from Monday through Saturday two-hour special classes are held in which about 700 boys and girls are taught the Punjabi language. Every Friday a special class for university students was organised in which about 1,200 youngsters are taught Sikh history and culture, he added.