One Pagan's Experience from St. Louis to Cape Cod

January 5, 2003

Source: Cape Cod Times

On January 5, 2003 Cape Cod Times reported that "Dana Eilers of Chatham... 'ran away from St. Louis and the active practice of law three years ago,' Eilers said, 'I was fortunate enough before I came here to be plugged into the Pagan community on the Cape. And I'm pleased to say there is an active and thriving group of Pagans here on Cape Cod'... Eilers settled in at the family digs in Chatham, found a job as a paralegal to pay the bills, and embarked on a new career as an author. She wrote The Practical Pagan, and is finishing up work on her second book: Pagans and the Law: Understand Your Rights... [Eilers describes being] a Pagan in America... 'Probably no different than it is to be an Orthodox Jew in America or a Mormon in America. The kind of discrimination that Pagans endure is nothing new.'"