At Oklahoma State University, Hillel Program Targets Diversity

November 14, 2003

Source: The Daily Barometer

On November 14, 2003 The Daily Barometer reported on the Hillel chapter currently serving Jewish students at Oklahoma State University. Attempting to keep meals kosher and scheduling important events around meaningful holidays are some of the groups primary concerns. Yet increasingly, the OSU Hillel is aiming to educate students on the presence of religious diversity on campus. OSU Hillel member Karina Hershberg remarks, "'When I first showed up here I was like,'Wow, I'm on a predominantly Christian campus' and if there are other Jewish people here I certainly didn't know where they were. Then, in my sophomore year I worked with a friend of mine and a couple of Christian ministries to develop some of the religious diversity programs which have since snowballed into a much better program.'"