Ohio Students Sing in the Season with a Ramadan Rap

December 23, 2003

Source: The Cincinnati Enquirer


On December 23, 2003 The Cincinnati Enquirer reported, "More than 1,500 students, parents and guests crowded into Mason Intermediate School's gym Tuesday for a musical celebration of international holidays including, for the first time, Muslim students from a local Islamic center. The annual school musical event this year celebrated religious, racial and national diversity with the help of dozens of students who performed musical tributes to various holiday traditions in Mexico, India, England, America - including the African-American celebration of Kwanza - as well as Christianity and Judaism. But it was the participation of students from the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati's International Academy that drew curious attention as third-, fourth- and fifth-graders from the West Chester Township religious school joined the line-up to perform what was described as the 'Ramadan Rap,' as well as traditional Islamic songs celebrating Ramadan, which is the religion's holiest month." Shakila Ahmad, a trustee with the Islamic Center, said the presentation was an opportunity for students to "get to know each other as neighbors."