NYPD Previews Training Film to South Asian, Muslim, and Arab Communities

January 23, 2004

Source: Muslims Weekly


On January 23, 2004 Muslims Weekly reported that "the New York Police Department (NYPD) unveiled its newest officer training film to leaders and community activists from local Arab, South Asian, and Muslim communities last Tuesday. The video, created by Jonathon Silberberg, is a training aid for newly appointed officers, after they have been on the beat for about eight weeks. The 6 p.m. Jan. 13 screening was given at the Arab American Family Center at 150 Bergen Street in Brooklyn, N.Y. The 15-minute training video is part of Streetwise, an eight-hour program aimed at familiarizing new officers with Arab and South Asian communities and customs. About 24 representatives of the community attended the meeting moderated by NYPD’s Arab-Muslim Community Liaison Officer Ahmed Nasser, and Captains Michael Lau and Joseph Cassidy...Captain Cassidy commented that this was the first time that a Streetwise video was shown to the community audience... He explained that the program is used to introduce young police officers to the different cultures that make up the fabric of New York."