Number of Sikh Women Declining

October 13, 2004


Wire Service: UPI

On October 13, 2004 United Press International reported, "India's National Minorities Commission has set up a panel of demographers to study the recent results of a census reports that says the population of Sikh women is declining. The panel will hold talks with religious leaders to find ways to restore the gender imbalance, NCM chairman Tarlochan Singh said... Although Sikh scriptures prescribe equal rights for women, census data released by the Indian government last month show alarming trends in the community, one of India's wealthiest. Figures showed the sex ratio of women for every 1,000 Sikh men is 893 against the national average of 933... According to the figures, the highest sex ratio is among Christians at 1,009. This is followed by Buddhists and Jains, who have a sex ratio of 953 and 950, respectively. Among Muslims, this ratio is 936, while among Hindus it is 931."