Now, a Sikh Body Tells Parents Not to Allow Kirpans for Kids

December 20, 2007

Author: Staff Writer

Source: World Sikh News

Soon after the authorities allowed the Sikh children to carry their traditional religious symbol "kirpans" to schools in Victoria, the Sikh Council of Australia, the apex representative body of Sikhs in Australia, has said the kids should not be allowed to carry the kirpan.

Bawa Singh Jagdev, secretary of the council, was quoted in media reports as saying that the wearer or the initiate must understand its (kirpan's) significance, utility and consequences if used for any purpose other than what it is meant for.

He said although the kirpan is an article of the Sikh faith, even then a child, even if baptized, should be asked to leave the kirpan at home and go to school, come back and wear it. "The reason being it can be harmful to the wearer. Suppose two or three boys get together and remove his kirpan, they can harm him," he said. Besides, any misuse of the kirpan, even if it is by other kids who may snatch it from the Sikh boy, will reflect poorly on the community for allowing the kids to carry the kirpan in the first place.