North London Hindu School Will Be 'the First Of Many'

January 29, 2010

Author: Robert Pigott

Source: BBC News

With its wood-clad buildings, large expanses of light and grass-covered roofs, the Krishna-Avanti Primary School in Edgware, north London, proclaims its respect for the environment.

But the first state-funded Hindu school is also designed to make a statement about this famously well-integrated religion.

At its heart is the temple, above which rises a white tower, carved out of marble in India.

Inside, pupils chant each morning in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, before lessons that include meditation and yoga.

They will study the national curriculum, but also tend the garden and learn Hindu concepts such as the equality of all living things.

Krishna-Avanti was founded in 2008 and spent its first year in borrowed classrooms in a neighbouring school, but now it is celebrating its formal opening in its distinctive new building.