Non-Native Americans Lack Understanding of Peyote

July 5, 2004

Source: Deseret News

On July 5, 2004 Deseret News reported,"Much has been written about peyote, a mind-altering drug, since James 'Flaming Eagle' Mooney was arrested four years ago in Spanish Fork for distributing it to members of his church, but there is little understanding outside of American Indian circles of what the drug is, what it does, and what it means to members of the Native American Church. Last month, in a landmark decision with sweeping implications, the Utah Supreme Court ruled Mooney could give peyote to members of his church, regardless of race. The ruling contradicted a 1994 law that made peyote use legal only among members of federally recognized tribes... Mooney calls the drug a 'truth serum' because he says it forces users to recognize who they really are and confront buried secrets. For this reason, he found it an especially effective tool for recovering drug addicts and sex offenders."