NGO Promotes Interfaith Harmony with Food

March 27, 2007

Source: Daily Times

LAHORE: Guru Nanak Ji Mission (GNJM), an NGO promoting interfaith collaboration, announced on Monday that it would give free food to devotees at the urs of Hazrat Mian Mir.

The organisation’s members include people of all religions from all over Pakistan. It announced that the urs would be celebrated with fervour. Over 400 Sikhs are coming to Pakistan to pay tribute to Mian Mir, it added.

GNJM president, Dr Sardar Minpal Singh, said that the Sikhs respected Hazrat Mian Mir for laying the foundation of the Golden Temple, the most respected shrine for Sikhs. “Hazrat Mian Mir was a great sufi who came to this part of the world to spread his message of love to the people.” He said that the sufi was responsible for explaining the realities of life and love to people. He said that the basic teaching of every religion was love. Singh said that the GNJM wished to promote friendly relations between different religions. “Our aim is promoting interfaith harmony by facilitating religious festivals of all religions.”

Talking about the organisation, Singh said that it was formed on July 16, 2006. He said its emphasis was on education and health. The organisation wants to promote interfaith harmony by facilitating religious festivities of people from different parts of the world. “Our services are extended to people of every religion, including Eid, Christmas and Holi.”