New Zoroastrian Temple in Pomona, New York

August 26, 2001

Source: The Journal News

On August 26, 2001, The Journal News reported "Zoroastrians celebrate move to Pomona." It noted, "One of the world's oldest — and smallest — religions has made Rockland its home after purchasing a vacated temple. An organization of Zoroastrians, an ancient religion founded in what was originally Persia, was to hold its first official, full-scale celebration in its new temple yesterday. The Zoroastrian Association had been using what was originally a private house in New Rochelle for worship and classes, said Gev Nentin, president of the group. But the facility wasn't large enough for the roughly 350 families from around the tristate area served by the congregation." The New Rochelle site had been the first Zoroastrian temple to be established in the U.S. The article continued, "Pomona Mayor Herb Marshall said village residents shouldn't notice much of a change with the temple's change of ownership. 'Their use of the facility will be pretty much the same as the Pomona Jewish Center,' he said."