New York Sikh Community Hosts Interfaith Thanksgiving Feast

December 1, 2005

Source: Martin Marty Center

On December 1, 2005 the Martin Marty Center reported, "The Sikh community of New York City hosted a thanksgiving feast for local religious leaders, the NYPD, court officials, and a representative of the DA's office, hoping to initiate a program of hospitality and patriotism—and they succeeded with a little help from the Interfaith Center of New York, which co-organized the event. United Sikhs [was] the sponsoring organization... The Sikh Center of New York is in downtown Flushing, Queens, a place of remarkable religious diversity. The Center is across the street from a synagogue, and down the street from a Protestant Chinese church. Representatives from the Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist communities, along with police and Queens Court officials, gathered at the temple, or Gurdwara... Short presentation[s] from each religious leader on the role of 'giving thanks' in his or her particular tradition [were given]. The NYPD and Queens Court officials offered a secular expression of thanks for being included in the program... An informative presentation on Sikhism [was also given]... Though the more than 100,000 Sikhs in New York make up a considerable population, none of the invited religious leaders or city officials in attendance that day had previously been in this or any other Sikh temple."