New York Radio Host Calls Muslims "Murderers"

November 20, 2003

Source: New York Post

On November 20, 2003 the New York Post reported that "an Islamic group is demanding that radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger apologize - for calling Muslims 'murderers' on her nationally syndicated show. On Monday, a caller asked Schlessinger whether her teenage daughter should accompany her 'moral themes' class on a field trip to a local mosque to learn how Muslims are treated in America... 'This is despicable," Schlessinger said. 'You tell [the teacher] you are willing to go to the mosque only if it is one that has done its best to route out terrorists in its midst . . . ' Schlessinger then said she was 'horrified' that the woman would allow her daughter, a Catholic High School student, to visit the mosque. 'I am so sick and tired of all the Arab-American groups whining and complaining about some kind of treatment . . . What culture and what religion were all the murderers of 9/11?'. 'It's very disturbing," Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) told The Post. 'Basically what she does is paint all American Muslims as potential terrorists or supporters of terrorists.'"