New York Pagan Festival

August 29, 2004

Source: Times Union

On August 29, 2004 Times Union reported, "Haitian voodoo priests read tarot cards, vendors sold 'Heavenly Fairy Dust' and ceremonial magicians passed their knowledge to curious passers-by. Such was the scene at The Crossings park Saturday as local practitioners of the pagan religions held their second annual Pagan Pride Day festival. Members of the tradition came from as far as Chicago to support the effort to increase awareness about Paganism... The festival coordinator, Charly Lynch, said she expected 250 visitors to the nine-hour festival. Pagan groups across the country hold such celebrations during August and September in honor of the autumnal equinox, Lynch said. The Pagan Pride Day festival also featured classes such as 'Wicca 101' and 'Kaballah for the Lay Person.' Paganism encompasses many religions outside the Judeo-Christian traditions, often worshiping deities from tribal mythologies or ancient religious beliefs."