New Umbrella Organization to Represent Muslims in Germany

April 11, 2007

Source: The Muslim News

Islamic associations in Germany have announced they have founded an umbrella organization. It is intended to represent the interests of all Muslims throughout Germany and be a contact point for politicians.

Rafet Öztürk of the Cologne-based Turkish-Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion (DiTiB) said four different Muslim associations had established the umbrella organization called the "Muslim Coordination Council " (KRM). In addition to DiTiB, the others include the Central Council of Muslims (ZDM), the Islamic Council and the Association of Islamic Cultural Centers (VIKZ).

The associations will remain independent, but the KRM is to be a central contact center for political dialogue, Öztürk said. The umbrella organization is also intended to foster commonalities between the four groups.

"We want to put ourselves to the test as to whether we can make decisions together," Öztürk said.

Earlier this week, thousands of Muslims gathered at the Cologne Arena to celebrate the birthday of their Prophet Mohammed. There, the associations made the announcement, though the decision had already been made in March.