New Study Reveals Attitudes and Practices of America's Muslim Communities

May 1, 2004

Source: The Washington Post

On May 1, 2004 The Washington Post reported, "American Muslims overwhelmingly endorse universal health care, tougher environmental laws, affirmative action and income tax cuts. They believe civil rights, education and foreign policy are the country's most critical public policy issues. And most -- 85 percent -- disapprove of President Bush's job performance. These conclusions come from a new study of Muslim religious practices and political attitudes undertaken by the Michigan-based Institute for Social Policy and Understanding and directed by demographer Ihsan Bagby. The study focused on the Muslim community in the Detroit area but reflects the attitudes and beliefs of many Muslims across the country, said Bagby, a professor at the University of Kentucky and lead researcher for 'The Mosque in America: A National Portrait,' released in spring 2001. Bagby tied the new survey, 'A Portrait of Detroit Mosques,' to the national study by asking Detroit imams and other mosque leaders the same questions about mosque participants and attendance posed to imams across the country. Detroit researchers added a new dimension by asking worshipers at mosques their thoughts on Islam, the United States and the importance of involvement in the community and the political process."