New Society Facilitates Hajj Journeys for Muslims Over 65

January 24, 2004


On January 24, 2004 reported, "The Muslim elderly in the Netherlands can now easily apply for hajj thanks to a new society established especially to facilitate the holy journey for Muslims over 65. Set up by the government-recognized Union of the Muslim Elderly in Holland, the society is offering hajj at affordable prices to make the dreams of many hajj hopefuls come true, particularly those living on government aid or low-income pensioners, said the union's head on Saturday, January 24. Khamis Boushihda, who is of Tunisian descent, told that the non-profit society provides social, cultural and religious services to a marginalized cross-section of society and in view of the family disunity that eats at the moral fabric of the West. It has already contracted with a number of airlines and hotels in Holland and Saudi Arabia to guarantee first-class services for the pilgrims."