New podcast finds 'work-life-faith balance' for modern Muslim parents

August 24, 2021

alking to kids about sex is just one of the traditional taboos addressed in a new podcast focused on modern Muslim parenting. One clue to how the podcast approaches such thorny topics comes in its title, with apologies to the DC Comics universe: “ Muslim Superdad & Wondermom.”

The podcast’s host, Amin Aaser, regards Muslim parenting as a journey that requires a balance of traditional and modern values while also juggling parenting with work and other modern issues — “saving the world by day and being a cook, comedian and coach by night,” as Aaser puts it in the show’s introduction.

“Muslim parents living in the West are met with a litany of challenges on top of the built-in challenges of just being a parent,” said Noon Salih, a co-founder of Noor Kids, a series of children’s books that teach Islamic values and morals, who developed the podcast with Aaser, Noor Kids’ CEO. “Navigating dual identities, building faith-based principles in an environment where their way of life can be vilified.” 

Source: New podcast finds 'work-life-faith balance' for modern Muslim parents