New Jersey Gov. Proclaims Vaisakhi Day

April 23, 2004

Source: News India-Times

On April 23, 2004 News India-Times reported, "Recognizing the contribution of the Sikh American community to the state and the nation, New Jersey Governor James E. McGreevey issued a proclamation naming April 14 Vaisakhi Day in New Jersey, and sent the community a 'a message of recognition, hope and good wishes.' 'As a gateway to our great nation, New Jersey is continuously enriched by the diversity and strength of those who come to the United States,' Gov. McGreevey said in his message. 'The Sikh-American citizens are an important and vital aspect of the State of New Jersey and our Nation. Furthermore, the Sikh-American community — with a long and proud history — has contributed much to the culture of our country. 'As you begin to embark on the celebration of Vaisakhi, I want to take this opportunity to extend a message of recognition, hope and good wishes.'"