New Islamic Show Creating Spaces for Dialogue And Understanding

March 13, 2010

Author: Eshe "Aisha" Asale

Source: Boston Examiner

‘Living Islam in America’ is a new thirty minute current affairs television series produced by Inner Attainment Production Company. Its aims are to educate American audiences about Islam whilst counteracting negative representations, promote understanding, and examine various issues affecting Muslim communities on a global and national scale.

Formatted in three segments, the program will begin with “In Focus”, a round table styled ‘in house’ presentation. This segment will address current issues and trends of Muslims worldwide. Led by a panelist of respected and renowned authorities in the fields of academia, media, politics, science and religion, the 15 minute length debates promise energetic, thought provoking and objective discussion, whilst 2 ‘field produced’ sections will explore and celebrate the richnes s of cultural and ethnic diversity, characteristic of Muslims bonded by worship, faith and belief.