New Hindu Temple Opens in Lowell, Massachusetts

September 23, 2002

Source: LowellSun.Com,1413,105%257E4746%257E877914,00.html

On September 23, 2002 LowellSun.Com reported that "[the Hindu Temple], located at 50 Stedman St, was recently sold for $1.5 million to BAPS Northeast, an international organization that operates 345 Hindu temples worldwide. The group has already renovated the inside of the structure and opened the temple hall on Saturday. The opening marks the second Hindu temple in Lowell, the first being on Andover Street in the Belvidere section of the city. City officials, who were not aware of the sale, say religious institutions are permitted under the building's current zoning. But the city has mixed feelings about losing what has traditionally been manufacturing space Lowell will lose out on $35,000 in property taxes each year, as religious institutions are exempt from taxes."