New Hampshire Hindu Temple Embraces the Goal of Learning

February 29, 2004

Source: The Portsmouth Herald

On February 29, 2004 The Portsmouth Herald published a profile of a Hindu temple in Epping, New Hampshire. The article notes, "Gaining wisdom and knowledge is the ultimate Hindu goal, especially for the local community. The temple is named for Brahma’s consort in Hinduism’s female trinity, Saraswati, the goddess of learning. It is the only Saraswati temple in the United States and the only Hindu temple in New Hampshire, according to the Hindu Web site As a community dedicated to the goddess of learning, the Mandiram Saraswati temple emphasizes its role as an educator of children. Vivekananda Academy on the Green Pastures Estate currently has 24 students who can graduate with a two-year college degree by age 15 if they enrolled as young children. Pandit Ramadheen Ramsamooj, the Hindu commune’s resident guru, said by targeting a student’s artistic right brain through meditative practices, teachers can impart knowledge much faster than in typical Western classrooms."