New England's Muslim Population Continues to Grow, Adding Mosques

March 26, 2005

Source: The Associated Press

On March 26, 2005 The Associated Press reported, "[A] Portland mosque is not the only one to spring up in an unusual location as northern New England's Muslim population grows. In Colchester, Vt., Muslims converted the former offices of a computer repair company into a mosque. Its neighbors are a recording studio and swimsuit factory. In New Hampshire, the Islamic Society of Greater Manchester bounced through a dance studio and other rooms at a college in Manchester before moving in below a beauty school... The U.S. Census Bureau doesn´t ask people their religious affiliation, but national Islamic American groups say the largest Muslim populations are in California and New York. Populations in northern New England are not easy to track, but the Vermont Islamic Society counts about 1,000 members, Manchester 80, and about 20 Afghan Muslims go to the Portland mosque. There is also a Somali Muslim community in Lewiston, Maine."