New Company Seeks to Provide Positive Content on Muslims for TV, Film

April 17, 2006

Source: CAIR

On April 17, 2006 the Council on American-Islamic Relations reported, "To counter the negative Muslim stereotype in the main media and to meet the growing demand for positive Muslim content, Naeem Randhawa launched JustSayGo Films (, a diversity-focused film company, based in Dallas, Texas. 'We have been working with the local and national Muslim communities to film and produce news and in-depth stories that bring attention to the diversity that exists in America, and to build bridges between all Americans' says Randhawa, 'With the recent mainstream interest in more diversified films, like “Syriana”, “Paradise Now”, “Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World”, and many others, it’s imperative for us to bring to the forefront high-quality media productions for television and film that portrays Muslims in a realistic, non-biased point of view.' With strong ties to the American Muslim communities, JustSayGo Films is currently providing events and news coverage for a national satellite network. The company is interested in working with local and national broadcast and film companies, with the goal of producing premiere television programs and films for American and international markets."