New Clothing Line Designed for American Muslim Women

September 7, 2003

Source: The Mercury News

On September 7, 2003 The Mercury News reported on a fashion show marketed specifically to Muslim women. The show, held in Santa Clara, was sponsored by Flippant, a new Silicon Valley company. The article described the clothing line: "Sexy is not the right word to describe the new line, since that would be forbidden. The Koran says women should be covered from head to toe. But that doesn't mean their fashions can't be beautiful. Fashions feature splashy tie-dye sari skirts, silky beaded formal wear and '60s-style flare jeans with embroidery. Skirts with thigh-high slits come with leggings underneath. Colors, tassels and shimmery sequins abound. Of course, every ensemble comes with a matching veil, or hijab."