Neighborhood Jews, Hindus and Muslims Come Together to Play Basketball

August 14, 2002

Source: New York Daily News

On August 14, 2002 the New York Daily News reported on a new basketball league experiment in Midwood, New York. The area has "long an enclave of Orthodox and conservative Jewish families - and, more recently, thousands of Pakistani Muslims and Indian Hindus... As waves of hatred and terror continue to flare in the Middle East, they are an experiment in peace." The league is a joint effort of the Council of Pakistan Organization and local Police. "'If they play together, they live together, spend hours together, the hatred may vanish,' said Jagajit Singh, director of programs at the Council, which offers employment and legal advice. 'Why not live together and set an example for the rest of the world?'... The players meet at a local schoolyard twice a week to practice. Brooklyn Alliance has given basketballs and uniforms, and the Police Athletic League is helping with coaching. The hope is to form a league and be part of the Alliance's Unity Games this month."