Naval Academy to Build Jewish House of Worship

December 9, 2001

Source: CBS News,1597,320358-412,00.shtml

On December 9, 2001, CBS News reported that "before Jewish midshipmen gather for Hanukkah services Sunday evening, Rabbi Irving Elson makes sure the cross is moved and stored away out of sight. A few other adjustments, and the All Faiths Chapel at the U.S. Naval Academy is transformed into a synagogue for the roughly 80 Jewish midshipmen in the 4,000-member Annapolis brigade... Jewish students don't feel comfortable using the academy's main chapel, which has a cross at one end and a statue of Jesus Christ at the other... Soon, however, Jewish midshipmen will have their own house of worship. A campaign, led by a group called Friends of the Jewish Chapel, is well on the way to raising $10 million in private funds to put the Naval Academy on equal footing with the other major service academies."