Native American Tribe Cleanses Sacred Waters After WA Oil Spill

February 28, 2004

Source: The Seattle Times

On February 28, 2004 The Seattle Times reported, "A day after the company responsible for a 4,800-gallon oil spill removed its heavy equipment and ended most of its cleanup efforts, Suquamish tribal elder Marilyn Wandrey sprinkled herbs in the waters of the Doe-kag-wats estuary, a sacred place her ancestors first used for spiritual ceremonies. Some 30 Suquamish tribal members and friends sang, drummed and prayed yesterday as they attempted to lift a pall they say has settled over their Indianola, Kitsap County, estuary inundated with heavy marine oil from a Dec. 30 Foss Maritime spill. As tribal members burned sage sticks stuck in the wet sand, eagles soared overhead — a positive sign to the tribe that redemption for the land was close at hand."