Nashville Hindu Temple to Add Two New Wings

October 20, 2005

Source: Nashville City Paper

On October 20, 2005 the Nashville City Paper reported, "The Hindu Cultural Center of Tennessee is building two new wings to the Ganesha Temple... in Bellevue. Construction of the $4 million project, which will include a new education building, duplexes and parking spaces, is expected to start next spring... 'The temple purchased about six or seven adjacent lots a few years ago. We have drawn up plans to use those lots for the new buildings. We are designing the educational facility so it can be expanded on both sides for future needs,' architect Ken Atkisson said. The first wing, a two-story, split-level, freestanding structure will be constructed up the hill, to the right of the temple. It will house an educational facility with a seniors lounge, music room, classrooms and several multi-purpose rooms. The second wing will include three sets of duplexes for priest quarters."