Muslims to Purchase Methodist Church in Ocoee FL

August 6, 2004

Source: Orlando Sentinel,1,6091489.story

On August 6, 2004 Orlando Sentinel reported, "The Foundation of Lights, a Muslim organization, has signed a contract to buy the Ocoee Oaks United Methodist Church for $600,000 and has raised about half the $200,000 down payment needed to seal the deal, said foundation board member Naeem Nasir. The mosque, which initially is expected to trade off days at the church with the Christian congregation, would be only the second in west Orange. About 40,000 Muslims live in Central Florida, which has 15 mosques, Nasir said... If the foundation deal goes through this month, Nasir said, Methodists and Muslims will share the Floral Street facility. Shaikh Ibrahim Habash would lead the 75 Muslim families at the mosque."