Muslims Protest Use of Koran Text on Rave Brochures

February 10, 2001

Source: The Seattle Times

On February 10, 2001, The Seattle Times reported that "the promoter of an upcoming dance party apologized yesterday for publishing brochures emblazoned with Arabic passages taken from the Koran after Muslims protested at an entrance to Southcenter Mall in Tukwila...Worshippers were outraged at the association of the scriptures with the rave," an event they see as immoral. Raves are all-night dances associated with the use of illegal drugs. The brochured designer found the images in a history textbook, and said he did not know what they meant. "The Koran, a book Muslims believe contains the words of Allah, is so revered that before they even open a copy, the faithful wash their hands, mouth, nostrils and feet three times...In recent years, Islamic scriptures or the name of Allah have been repeatedly misused--on a scantily clad woman in beer ads, on jeans, on T-shirts and in other media images." Western Washington's growing Islamic population is estimated to be 50,000.