Muslims in Lodi, California Find Support Amidst Hostility

October 21, 2001

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

On October 21, 2001 The San Francisco Chronicle reported, "Long-term relationship with its Muslim community may help Lodi weather the recent spate of ... Fear and suspicion." The article noted that "Mindful of how Lodi's Japanese Americans disappeared into internment camps during World War II, residents didn't want bigotry to win again...When Lodi's mosque was vandalized eight years ago, a group of youths from the high school offered to clean up. Police started meeting regularly with the mosque's leader. Concerned citizens -- joined by Lodi's Japanese American mayor, Alan Nakanishi, who was interned as a child during World War II -- formed the Breakthrough Project to respond to hate crimes. Students at Lodi High formed a spin-off called the Breakthrough Club." And while Muslims in Lodi haven't been protected entirely from incidents of "backlash," the article outlines the many positive efforts of this area to reach out and support its 2,000 Muslim residents.