Muslims Join Hindus In Kali Puja Festivities

October 18, 2009

Author: Manoj Kar

Source: Kalinga Times

In a refreshing break from religious fanaticism that has become the order of the day, Muslims from a sleepy hamlet downstream the Brahmani river have joined hands with Hindu villagers in observing the week long Kali Puja festivities.

Offering Puja to Goddess Kali is a major religious festival in this far-flung Olaver hamlet of Kendrapara district's Rajkanika Tehsil and the striking feature of annual Puja here is the spontaneous participation of a large number residents from Muslim community, said Sudhir Chandra Palai, secretary of the local Puja committee.

“There are more than a hundred Muslim families in the village. For all of them, Kali puja is a much-awaited annual festival. Like Id-ul-juha and Moharram, Muslims observe puja with enthusiasm and passion,” said Sk. Kurban Ali, executive body member of the puja committee.