Muslims and Jews Walk for Peace

May 17, 2004

Source: Muslim Wakeup!

On May 17, 2004 Muslim Wakeup! reported, "The Interfaith Peace Walk for Jewish Muslim Reconciliation began at Al-Aqsa Islamic Society, an predominantly Arab-American community in North Central Philadelphia on May 2nd... The guest speakers were the founders of the Jewish-Muslim Peace Walk, from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Rabbi Lynne Gottlieb is a multitalented artist and human rights activist committed to interfaith peace building. She has been outspoken regarding the rights of Palestinians and their struggle for national independence. Br. Abdul Rauf Marqetti is a Muslim scientist and peace activist whom she contacted at her local mosque. She invited him to be part of the peace walk just two years ago. The two have since been promoting a nationwide movement of building Jewish-Muslim relations by interfaith workshops and services."