Muslims and Discrimination

September 11, 2002

Source: The Daily Telegraph

On September 11, 2002 The Daily Telegraph reported that "when it comes to everyday life, the state - from police to teachers and airport security guards - has often bent over backwards to avoid discrimination against Muslims. In fact, many conservative commentators have accused the authorities of excessive tact. Where there have been acts of clear discrimination, they have often been driven by the fears of private individuals. A number of foreign-looking passengers have been thrown off US flights since September 11 after passengers or crew members refused to take off with them on board. To some Americans, Mr Bush's insistence that their country is at war with terror, but not with Islam, is mealy-mouthed hypocrisy... In all, there have been 1,200 secret detentions, mostly of Muslim men. Many non-citizens have been deported, but some 300 remain in detention - their names barred from release. The American government says the secrecy is justified by national security. Many Muslim-Americans angrily disagree."