Muslim Woman Educates Others About Her Faith

December 1, 2000

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

On December 1, 2000, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that "Dr. Salma Ahmad serves on the emergency room staff of Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis and on the faculty of the Washington University School of Medicine. Despite a busy life as an emergency room physician, university professor and president of a small company, Dr. Salma Ahmad takes time to share facts and dispel myths about her Islamic faith. Ahmad is chairwoman of the organizational committee of the Women's Interfaith Conference in St. Louis-an annual gathering of hundreds of women interested in learning about the beliefs, values and practices of religions other than their own." Ahmad, a native of Pakistan, works to educate women of other faiths about Islam. "I find that most women want to hear how a Muslim views life compared to that of other religions," she said. "They are usually so interested, and it is so gratifying for me to interact with them and to share my faith."