Muslim Vote "Played Decisive Role" in Defeat of BJP

May 13, 2004


On May 13, 2004 reported, "Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee resigned Thursday, May 13, following a stunning defeat of his Hindu nationalist-led coalition government in the elections. An Indian analyst told that Muslims - estimated at 140 million and making up 13 per cent of India's one billion people population - have played a key role in the elections...The BJP, which has led coalitions since 1998 as the first avowedly Hindu party to rule secular India, called the election five months ahead of schedule to capitalize on 79-year-old Vajpayee's popularity and surging economic growth. Muslims played a decisive role in the downfall of BJP, which long has the tag of being anti-Muslim, Zafarul-Islam Khan, an Indian expert, told over phone from New Delhi."