Muslim Teen Resigns from New Jersey School Over Head-Scarf

September 25, 2003

Source: Atlantic Highlands Herald

On September 25, 2003 Atlantic Highlands Herald reported that Mona Elgohail, a Muslim teen who was not permitted to wear her head-scarf with her school's naval uniform, had resigned from the Marine Academy of Sciences and Technology. Mona and her mother Nemera Elgohail say that the hijab is required of their religion, but school officials argued that the head covering went against navy regulations. They suggested that Mona might wear a larger cap, a wig, or a bandana to hide her hair. School principal Dr. Paul Christopher said, "I tried to do everything to meet her needs based on her religion.." He shared with Mona and her parents the regulations from the Department of the Navy. 'There is nothing in the regs to provide leeway for her religious garb."