Muslim Serves as Priest at Hindu Temple

August 22, 2004


On August 22, 2004 reported, "Ghulam Mohammed... is perhaps the only Muslim in the area who is known to serve as a priest at a Hindu temple. Mohammed, a devout Muslim, who practices Hindu rituals with equal ease, says that he believes in the oneness of God. 'I reach the temple by six in the morning and leave by nine. And I read Namaaz also...I do not have any problems and there are no restrictions. I just have to work for God. I believe God is one. I only want to pray, whether it is a temple or mosque,' he said. He has been practising as a Hindu priest since the last 15 years. Hindu devotees said they were awe-struck when they came to know that the temple's priest was a Muslim. 'It's really good...we were amazed to hear him reciting hymns and verses with such perfection and ease. We believed he was a Hindu, but felt very nice to know later that he is a Muslim,' said Ram Kumar, a Hindu devotee... Mohammed says that his Muslim background has also helped him protect the temple in the past from Islamic militants in the disputed region."