Muslim Sage Recites Hindu Scriptures In Uttar Pradesh

May 29, 2009

Author: Pawan Kumar Shah

Source: Silver Scorpio/ANI

A Muslim sage in Uttar Pradesh has been reciting holy Hindu scriptures at religious functions.

Yasin Bharti, the Muslim sage, resides in the Khoonipur block of Pipraich area.

Yasin not only has complete knowledge about the Quran, but has equal knowledge about Ramayan and Hindu scriptures.

He initially gave stage performances. Gradually, Yasin was attracted towards the Hindu religion and became a reciter of ‘Satsang’.

Bharti said that his main aim is to remove the dirt from the society through his ‘Satsang’.

“If people improve through this medium of ‘Satsang’ then my efforts will be successful. My main motive is to improve the society. A sage is neither a Hindu nor a Muslim. God has granted them a responsibility of clearing and removing the dirt from the society and violence from the human beings through the medium of ‘Satsang’,” said Bharti.