Muslim Leaders Sign "Code of Honor" to Promote Intrafaith Harmony

April 11, 2007

Source: Islam Online Network

Before an audience of more than 700 people, Muslim American scholars signed onto an “Intra-Faith Code of Honor” at the Muslim Unity Celebration of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday hosted by Islamic Educational Center of Orange County (CA).

The Code of Honor was drafted by Muslim American leaders who met last month at a meeting organized by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).

At the meeting, Muslim clerics identified strategies for addressing increasing sectarian tensions abroad, and ensure that Muslim communities in the U.S. will not be affected by these conflicts.

“We have to prevent this tragedy from spilling over to our Muslim society in the United States. As a first step in that endeavor, we suggest a Community Code of Honor for all Muslims to live by in order to respect one another, not only in matters in which we are in agreement, but more importantly on issues and times of disagreement,” according to a part of the “Intra-Faith Code of Honor”.