Muslim Groups to File Discrimination Charges against Fleet Bank

June 20, 2003

Source: MPAC News

On June 20, 2003 the Muslim Public Affairs Council reported that "MAS Freedom Foundation, along with a Boston-based coalition of civil rights, civil liberties and religious groups, and other concerned citizens, announced today they plan to file discrimination charges against Fleet Bank on behalf of MAS member Hossam Al-Gabri, a Muslim whose account was closed by the bank without explanation... The coalition was formed in response to complaints of unfair banking practices towards Muslims in response to anti-Muslim sentiment following the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the war on Iraq. Several Muslim Fleet account holders, found that their accounts were closed without any explanation by the bank. In an effort to resolve the situation, coalition members have held meetings with Fleet executives demanding an explanation as to the bank's actions, citing the institution's history of discrimination, predatory lending and other unfair banking practices."