Muslim Group to Operate Free Clinic on Thursdays

April 12, 2008

Author: Anthony Gottschlich

Source: Dayton Daily News

Dayton Mercy Society, a Muslim group that promotes community service and authentic values of Islam, is opening a free health clinic for the uninsured.

Beginning May 1 and every Thursday thereafter, the clinic will operate from 5 to 9 p.m. at the Reach Out of Montgomery County clinic, 25 E. Foraker St., near Miami Valley Hospital.

"Our goal is to engage the Muslim community in outreach work and let people know that Muslims are part of this community," said Dr. Esam Alkhawaga, a psychiatrist and Dayton Mercy Society board member. "Most of us (at Dayton Mercy) are physicians and we felt as Muslims this could be the least we could do to give back to America for what they've done for us."