Muslim Group Asks Government to Ban Franklin Graham

July 14, 2006


On July 14, 2006 reported, "An Islamic advocacy group wants Rev. Franklin Graham barred from entering Canada because of allegedly hateful statements made towards Islam. Graham's spokesman says the Evangelical minister's comments have been 'misconstrued' by some Muslims. The Council on American-Islamic Relations of Canada (CAIR-CAN) claims allowing Graham into Canada would be evidence of a 'double standard.' British Muslim Riyad ul-Haq was denied entry into Canada in June after being accused of inciting hatred towards Jews, Christians, and other non-Muslims - a violation of Canada's so-called 'hate propaganda laws.' 'We do not welcome hate-mongers,' said Leslie Harmer, spokesperson for Immigration Minister Monte Solberg, the official who ordered that Canadian authorities block ul-Haq from entering the country. CAIR-CAN noted that shortly after the 9/11 attacks Graham called Islam 'a very evil and a very wicked religion.' The group argues that, like ul-Haq, Graham should be forbidden to come to Canada for a scheduled visit later this year."