Muslim Community Center Plans Chicago’s First Muslim Funeral Home

October 24, 2005

Source: Chicago Sun-Times


On October 24, 2005 the Chicago Sun-Times reported, "In the Islamic burial tradition, the bodies of the deceased aren't embalmed and families do not delay interment by having a wake. Yet many Muslim families in Chicago find it difficult and expensive to observe customs with which most funeral homes have limited familiarity. The Muslim Community Center may soon provide a better option for these families by building what would be the first funeral home in the city to cater exclusively to Muslims, planners say. The MCC is one of the largest groups serving the 400,000 Muslims living in the Chicago area. The center has yet to hire a state-licensed funeral director or receive the necessary city permits, but the funeral facility could be operational within six to eight months, said Mohammed Kaiseruddin, president of the community center... Instead of paying as much as $4,000 in funeral expenses, Muslim families who go through the community center would likely pay less than $1,000, Kaiseruddin said."