Muslim Cleric Jokes About 7/7, Mocks Victims

July 9, 2006

Source: The Times,,2087-2261777,00.html

On July 9, 2006 The Times reported, "A speech by an extremist Muslim cleric praising the London bombers and mocking victims of suicide attacks has been broadcast on the internet to coincide with the anniversary of the July 7 attacks. The audience laughs as Omar Brooks, a British Muslim convert who also uses the name Abu Izzadeen, makes fun of non-Muslims as 'animals' and 'cowards'. Brooks — who has previously described the London bombers as 'completely praiseworthy' — identifies with the views of Mohammad Sidique Khan, the ringleader of the London attacks. He contrasts the supposed bravery of Khan’s suicide to the 'kuffar' (non-Muslims) who are characterized as debauched binge-drinkers who vomit and urinate in the street. The speech is peppered with jokes that bring laughter from his audience at the Small Heath youth and community centre in Birmingham, where it was filmed last Sunday... His comments were condemned by Rachel North, a survivor of the King’s Cross bomb. 'It’s clearly calculated to upset people and is pretty disgusting. I would imagine these statements are something that the police would be interested in because they might encourage other people to get involved in terrorism.' She disclosed that she had received abuse from supporters of the terrorists. 'I’ve had abusive e-mails from people saying that I am part of a government conspiracy, that it’s a shame I didn’t die in the bombings. It’s pretty low, but I have chosen not to publish these e-mails because I don’t want to give them publicity.'"