Muslim Cemetery Vandalized

March 3, 2006

Source: The Muslim News

On March 3, 2006 The Muslim News reported, "Unknown vandals desecrated a four-century-old Muslim cemetery in a Bosnian Serb town, destroying more than 20 gravestones, AFP quoted police as saying on Saturday.

The incident occurred at the cemetery in the northern town of Banja Luka overnight Thursday, police said.

'The attack on these tombstones, some of which date back 400 years, is an act of vandalism and represent an attack on every (Muslim) Bosnian,' Muslim religious leader Muris Spahic told local television.

The Bosnian Serb government condemned the incident, saying such acts did not help relations between Bosnia’s Croat, Muslim and Serb populations which remain tense after the country’s inter-ethnic war in the 1990s... Around 40 percent of Bosnia’s 3.8 million inhabitants are Muslims. Serbs, who are largely Orthodox, represent about 31 percent of the population, while Roman Catholic Croats account for around 10 percent."