Muslim and Jew, Halal and Kashrut, Come Together at a Montreal Restaurant

July 10, 2005

Source: Haaretz

On July 10, 2005 Haaretz ran a feature article on Sassi Haba (38) and Musayed Amla (25), who met when Haba was an Israeli soldier at Musayed Amla was a Palestinian trying to get through a security checkpoint. Six years later, they jointly own a restaurant in Montreal. In describing their partnership, the article says, "On February 15 of this year [Haba] landed in Montreal. Until he was joined by his wife and four children, he lived for several weeks in the home of the Amla family, which he defines as 'my second family.' In order to maintain a proper partnership, they make a point of maintaining reciprocity. The meat is slaughtered especially for them, so that it will be defined both as kosher for the Jewish patrons of the restaurant and as hallal for the Muslims. In return for the agreement of the traditionally observant Haba to open the restaurant on Saturday, the Muslim Amla agreed to sell alcohol on the premises. On Passover they served special matzas and the everyday practice is to play Arab music."