Muslim and Hindu Artists Work Together on Durga Puja in Delhi

October 9, 2005


On October 9, 2005 Asian News International reported, "Setting another example of communal unity and harmony, Hindus and Muslims alike are still giving shape to the mandaps and pandals (make-shift houses) for the Durga Puja festival. Muslim artisans say it is their labour for love and an occasion to serve the God.'We are working whole-heartedly. We are doing good work and we are enjoying it. It is a work of art and the question of Hindu and Muslim does not arise here. We are like brothers,' says Raj Ahmed. Durga Puja, which is a community festival, is also an occasion for showcasing talents and worshipping talent is one step towards God. 'Puja is one such platform where we do not think about religion. Question of communal differences does not arise when we showcase our art. It is not good to bring Hindu Muslim communal divide here, only talent and work matters. God is one, only the way we worship is different,' says Biswajit Sain."