A Muslim American Reflects

September 10, 2002

Source: Sunspot.net

On September 10, 2002 Sunspot.net printed an editorial which stated, "I am an American. I was growing up in Chicago while the Huxtable children were growing up, at the same time, on my television. I have seen my beloved Boston Celtics play their final game in the original Boston Garden and have dreamed of playing wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills. I have interned for two U.S. senators, one of whom now serves as this country's attorney general. As I finish my final year of law school at one of this country's finest institutions, I wonder how any rational human being could think that I was anything but American. As American Muslims, we pledge religious allegiance to Islam and national allegiance to America. We are contributing members of this society and thus are entitled to every inalienable right and freedom that all Americans cherish. Like all Americans, we have the freedom to speak our minds, the right to be tried by a jury of our peers, the entitlement to practice our religion freely and the privilege to dissent against the government when we deem necessary."